Transport Airships
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The dirigibles and other lighter than air vehicles used for commercial transportation of passengers and cargo are presented here. Also unsuccesful airships and unrealized projects for these purposes. The list of airships is submitted in chronological order by date of the first flight. This section is under construction. The data concerning other planes will appear as will be ready.


Henri Giffard dirigible
1852 September 24
The first manned airship. More (in Russian with translation )...


Zeppelin Typ E (LZ 7, LZ 8)
1910 June 19
The first airship, which used for commercial passenger traffic.
More (in Russian with translation )...


Zeppelin Typ F (LZ 10)
1911 June 26
The airship, which used in DELAG during 1911 - 1912.
More (in Russian with translation )...

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