Welcome to "Airliners...". You can find the information concerning civil aircraft and their manufacturers here. This site has opened on 2003 October 3.

Sections of this site:


  Airliners of All Times and Peoples - Airliners since 1914 is submitted in chronological order by date of the first flight. Now presented airliners created in 1914 - 1922, 1923 - 26, 1927-30, 1931-35, 1935-41, 1942-48, 1948-59, 1960-68, 1981-90 and since 1991


  Cargo and mail aircraft - The aircraft, which used for the carriage of freight and air mail are presented in this section.


  General aviation in airlines - Aircraft of general aviation which operates by airlines you can see here.


  Planes which were not becoming airliners - The airliners, which not used by airlines for the different reasons (technological, economic, political, etc).


  Airliners which not existed - The non-realized projects of airliners and transport airplanes. As well as airplanes, the construction of which one was not finished.


  Transport Airships - In this section you can see dirigibles and other lighter than air vehicles, which used for commercial transportation of passengers and cargo are. Also as unsuccesful airships and unrealized projects.


  Alfabetical List - All known transport planes of the world here - successful and unsuccessful, also as projects. For planes, which flied, the dates of the first flight are given.


  Most of aircraft profiles are made in one scale - 1 meter = 65 pixels. The old images (before 2005) will be make over under this standard gradually.
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