which not existed

  The non-realized projects of airliners and transport airplanes are presented in this section. As well as airplanes, the construction of which one was not finished. The list of these models is submitted in chronological order by date of the publication or official stoppage. The list is not yet complete. As soon as the relevant data is obtained the list will be updated.....

Friedrich Mattis Project
The first known project of a passenger airplane. More (in Russian with translation )...


Henson Aerial Steam Carriage
The first project of the airliner with propeller engine. More (in Russian with translation )...


Teleshov Sistema Vosdukhoplavania
The first project of a two-decked passenger airplane. More (in Russian with translation )...


Geshvend Parolyot
The first jetliner which begun by construction. More (in Russian with translation )...


Dornier Do GI Greif
The first wheel-based passenger aircraft project of Claudius Dornier. More (in Russian with translation )...

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